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Bombyx (Mulberry) Silk




Fiber Facts of Mulbery (Bombyx) Silk:


Bombyx silk is pure white and is from silkworms fed on Mulberry leaves only. Silk is pure luxury with many qualities such as its natural sheen. It is strong, resistant to pilling, and the long fibers make it easy to spin.  Looks stunning when dyed and blends beautifully with other fibers.








Merino /Tibetan Yak /Cultivated Silk Top (60/20/20)




 Merino 60%, 21.5 micron merino, with 20% Yak from Tibet & 20% cultivated silk. The natural color of this blend is a silvery grey. It is also beautiful overdyed.





Yak Fiber Facts:


The fiber used for Yak yarn is the down hair which is usually finer than 25 microns in diameter. The best fiber is between 17.5 and 19 microns to ensure that the garments are extremely soft and warm. Other qualities of Yak are: Resistance to Static:  All wools naturally resist static but yak wool is particularly good at it. Breathability: Yak wool, like other wools, has a remarkable capacity to absorb moisture from your body and release it into the environment. Softness: That's because hidden amongst the long strands of guard hair is the sub 19 micron down that gives yak fabric such a great feel and makes it a perfect staple for fighting off the winter chills. Yak is often confused with cashmere. Strength: It has been shown to contain higher levels of sulphur-based proteins and amino acids than sheep fiber.







Baby Camel 50% / Silk 50%



Fiber Facts of Camel:


Camel hair (down) is graded according to the color and fineness of the fiber, with about 30% making up the best grade raw fiber. Usually light tan in color,  is typically only blended with other fine quality fibers for an extremely supple material with excellent drape. 


Other attributes of Camel are no pillage or loss of shape because of the length of the fibers, double the warmth of other wool textiles, moisture managing properties, and even becomes softer with use.











Color 19 Merino



Now, put the brilliant colors of spring at your fingertips. Colors as vivid as a meadow in bloom with an exceptionally soft, ultrafine 19.5 microns, it feels every bit as beautiful as it looks.







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